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  1. Are You My Angel?

From the recording Are You My Angel?


I see the moon in your eyes.
It's like the sun in the skies.
I see your hair that blows in the wind.
Just like the ocean the waves crashing in.

Is it really you this time
Standing in the dark?
Is it really you this time?
I see you from afar.

Are you my Angel?
Brought to me tonight.
Are you my Angel?
Brought to me by the moonlight.

I feel the heat in your blood.
It's like the fire in the wood.
I feel the love in your heart.
Just like the day when your life started.



I smell your scent like blooming flowers
That wave in the field in the fall hours.
I feel your breath in my memory
From the last time you laid next to me.

I watch you sleep with your eyes closed.
I caressed every curve and took some notes.
I felt your skin, it's so soft and .....Beautiful