What exactly causes an artist to pull ahead of the pack and emerge to be a cut above the rest? There may be no answer for this question other than magic, and if magic is the answer, Deb Barber will be considered the Houdini of the music industry. Chemistry, teamwork, and outstanding musical talant merge beautifully to create "The Best Of Life". The one-and-only Buddy Greco (or as I like to call him "Mr Music") not only co-arranged and co-produced the tracks on this CD but also lent his talents by playing piano, organs, and synths. To quote Buddy, "In all the years I've been in the music business, I've only met a few very "special" musicians. As you will hear, Deb is certainly one of the best." The beauty of Deb's music is no cliched formulas - each song is refreshingly unique. Some tunes are down-home fresh with the distinctive feel of Midwest rock; others diverge into blues or have a distinctly Latin feel. "A Little Bit Of Mmm Mmm" is bursting with wonderful Latin percussion and brass accenting the sensual lyrics and melody. Weaved in to the fiber of "Mmm Mmm" is electric guitar and organ solos that merit this tune to stand head-to-head with a "Santana" song. It's for real. This is a great adult contemporary album. Just give a listen, it's some of the best ear-candy I've heard in a long time." - Jimmy Scalia” - Jimmy Scalia
Deb Barber Rocks Monsoon Cafe On Dec 12th - in trendy Santa Monica, Ca. the Monsoon Cafe was consumed by a different force of nature. Deb Barber brought the house down. The legendary Buddy Greco shared the stage with her! Tommy Alverado and Rick D' Antonio were abosoutely outstanding. Deb's energy provided an evening of strong, sexy, and sultry entertainment.” - TJ Rochon

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Deb Barber has been named RadioIndy.com Gold Artist! Excellent musicianship, recording quality and production, and songwriting on all 3 songs. A Little Bit of mmm is an energized latin/pop tune. Comes Right Back to You is a well-produced adult rock/pop song with a hook-filled chorus. I Wanna Know Who You Are is romantic song with a slow-latin groove that listeners of our pop and love song stations will enjoy. Excellent sax work in the song. Excellent vocals throughout. We screen thousands of songs by indie artists and name the best artists, RadioIndy.com Gold Artists.” - Manny and Greg

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Deb Barber The Best of Life" Genre: rock Seductress Deb Barber has reeled in a touch of every genre and rock era in each and every song on her album. I love this! You can't help but get your hips swinging to Deb's concoction of spicy meets sweet in this release. Deb Barber's "The Best of Life" can best be described as the carpool lane on a fast highway. In the driver seat is Santana with Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Pat Benetar as the passengers. It's that damn good!” - Heather Corcoran

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