"Music has always been and will always be part of my soul" Deb grew up in a small town in rural Michigan. From a young age, she loved music and had a natural gift as a percussionist. "For as long as I can remember, I was banging out some kind of rhythm on pots, pans, tables...even my brother! I was always getting in trouble for making to much noise." All the noise paid off when Deb was selected to showcase her talents with both the symphonic and jazz band associated with Blue Lake Fine Arts in Europe. She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan, majoring in Music Education. A Consummate percussionist, Deb went on to become proficient in stringed instruments and vocals. In her spare time, Deb taught marching band, percussion ensembles, and started her own drum studio. She also sang lead and wrote originals as she played with such bands as The Country Star Lighters, Midnight Fantasy, and Spectacle. With the group White Light, Deb toured throughout the Midwest, co-writing and performing the group's songs. "This being my first solo CD, I went to Mr. Buddy Greco, a family friend, for input. After hearing 'Are You My Angel' Mr Greco was excited, saying "I just can't get that music out of my head!" I am thrilled to have a mucisian of Mr Greco's calibur involved in my project. Mr Greco jumped into the "Deb Barber" project with both feet, not only as her manager and co-producer, but also with his mastery at the keyboards, as demonstrated throughout the CD. Deb Barber's music can be described as powerful, sensual, and emotional. Her outstanding talent, combined with her striking good looks, and visible sense of humor, brings a subtle yet sultry energy to the stage. "I am a firm believer in the premise that the energy you put forth is what you get back. This CD was created in an aura of love and peace - that is what I wish to share with everyone enjoying my music."