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Deb Barber: Photos

Deb's Logo - designed by Misty Debord - Look For It On My New T-Shirts

Pics Of Me

At The Ranch
My Cover Girl Shot
Cover Shot for Album Cover
Rocker Girl
Music Wall - Color

Playing Out And About

Deb Rocks Barcode, Las Vegas - 11/06/2006
MonSoon Cafe, Santa Monica, CA. 12/2005 - Deb Barber, Buddy Greco (keys), Rick D'Antonio (lead guitar), Tommy Alverado (sax)
Playing In The Hot Summer Sun - Flagstaff, AZ
Deb And Rick (Awesome Lead Guitarist)
Hot Day - Good Music
Rocking Out And Having Fun, Palm Springs, CA
Playing First Friday - Las Vegas, NV
Playing With Nurse Ratchet,  Boston Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, NV
San Gennaro Festival 5-5-07

Working And Playing In The Studio

Tony - Great Bass Player - Working on "Are You My Angel"
T-Bone - Working His Magic At The Board - Sonsongs Studio, Las Vegas, NV
Deb Working Her Magic At The Board
Buddy Greco, Deb Barber, Lezlie Anders, and Vic Moea
Rick D'Antonio - Working Hard